Nanofiber Solutions Scaffolds for Veterinary Medicine

Our line of veterinary products is based off of the same technology we are using in humans. The fibers are designed to mimic the extracellular matrix found within the body. These fibers guide and promote cellular growth into the nanofiber scaffold, eventually degrading and leaving native tissue.

All of our products are made of FDA-approved polymers materials and do not contain animal-derived products. This ensures they are highly reproducible, have no risk of immune rejection. These Products can be combined with Stem Cells and platelet rich plasma or used as is.

Our Veterinary Products:

NanoCare™- Advanced wound healing mesh.

Product Code Product Dimensions
NCV1 1"x1” x 250µm thickness
NCV2 2"x2” x 250µm thickness
NCV4 2"x4” x 250µm thickness
NCV8 4"x8” x 250µm thickness

NanoMesh™- Internal soft tissue repair mesh, non-resorbable and resorbable.

NMV1 1"x1” x 500µm thickness
NMV2 2"x2” x 500µm thickness
NMV4 2"x4” x 500µm thickness
NMV8 4"x8” x 500µm thickness

NanoWhiskers™- Injectable, micronized nanofibers for osteoarthritis and soft-tissue repair.

NWV2 2mg per vial
NWV3 3mg per vial

NanoLig™- Tendon and Ligament replacement. Available at various lengths for each diameter.

NLV3 3 mm diameter various Lengths
NLV5 5 mm diameter various Lengths
NLV7 7 mm diameter various Lengths

NanoTrachea™- Small animal trachea. Sized to order.

Equine Chronic Wound Equine Chronic Wound2

Healing of Equine chronic wound after 4 weeks with Nanofiber Solutions mesh.

Nanofiber mesh

Wound covered with Nanofiber mesh


NanoWhiskers™ injectable cell scaffolds come preloaded in sterilized vials