NanoAligned™ 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds

  • Designed to mimic the aligned and oriented parts of the body such as:

    • White matter within the brain

    • The central nervous system

    • Cardiac tissue, skeletal muscle, and many others

  • Aligned matrices will provide appropriate physical structure leading to the desired physiological responses of cardiomyocytes, neurons, myoblasts, etc.


  • Provide an ideal 3D substrate for high-throughput, real-time imaging and quantification, and cell chemotaxis, migration or invasion assays.






NanoECM™ 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds

  • Designed to mimic the 3D nanofibrous extracellular matrix found throughout the body.

  • Provide a 3D substrate for adherent stem cell expansion that produce higher expansion rates while maitaining stem cell pluripotency.

  • Increased surface area which facilitates culturing higher cell numbers which can result in higher production levels of biological products such as monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, etc.





Bioreactor Scale Up

  • Nanofiber scaffolds can be custom designed for commercial bioreactor scale up of stem cells based therapies.

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Tissue Engineering

  • Custom designed and engineered 3D nanofiber scaffolds for regenerative medicine.

    • Tracheal Scaffolds

    • Intestinal Scaffolds

    • Vascular Grafts

    • Skin and Wound Healing

  • Collaborations are welcome.



Aligned White Matter


Cells on NanoAligned™




Cardiomyocytes on



Decellularized Tissue


Adult Stem Cells on NanoECM™


Cells Imaged on


Cells on grown on 2D flat plastic




Nanofiber Custom Trachea Scaffold