The above video demonstrates the scientific

breakthroughs in brain cancer research made possible

by Nanofiber Solutions' products.


Human CoCulture GSCs








CNN Video

Ohio has seen 20% job growth in the BioTech sector over the last 10 years due to both big businesses and startups.


Euthanization Averted: Mare Walks on New Biosynthetic Tendon. Part 1: initial operation



















Euthanization Averted: Mare Walks on New Biosynthetic Tendon. Part 2: 4 weeks after surgery






Euthanization Averted: Mare Walks on New Biosynthetic Tendon. Part 3: 8 weeks after surgery, removal of cast






Ex Vivo Phase Contrast


Ex Vivo Tumor Green






Glioma Dispersed Cell Migration






Glioma Neurosphere Migration












Tech Columbus

Nanofiber Solutions Contributes to Ohio’s 20% increase in Biotech Jobs

September 29, 2014

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Nationwide Children's

"Nanofiber Solutions Receives Award from Ohio Third Frontier to Further DevelopTissue Engineered Intestine Technology"

June 28, 2013

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Nanofiber Solutions

"Nanofiber Solutions announces the launch of a new line of hepatocyte culture products."

June 5, 2013

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"Ohio bioscience companies combine technology to optimize cell culture for multiple uses"

December 18, 2012

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"Columbus, Ohio-Based Life Science Developer Nanofiber Solutions™ Expands Manufacturing Facility"

October 17, 2012

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Ohio News Network

"Bioscience Industry Booming In Ohio "

January12, 2012


MedCity News

"Cell culture firm Nanofiber Solutions eyes $1.5M investment, partnerships

July 29, 2011



Drug Discovery & Development

"3-D Substrate"

June 30, 2011




"3-D Aligned Polymer Nanofibers for cell culture & migration models"

December 15, 2010




"OSU Department Researches Cancer Treatments Using Nanofibers"

November 1st, 2010



MedCity News

"Nanofiber Solutions hopes to change how cancer drugs are studied "

October 14, 2010



Drug Discovey & Development

"Expanding Nanotechnology"

October 1st, 2010




"Biotech Startup Combines Nanotechnology with Advanced Polymers to Help Researchers Study Invasive Brain Tumor Cells"

August 5, 2010


The Ohio State University Medical Center-News

"Nanofibers Help Scientists Study Brain Cancer In The Lab"

July 30, 2010