About Us:

Nanofiber Solutions, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company developing a new class of implants with unrivaled performance for the $20B soft tissue/organ repair/regeneration market. Our technology is used to build off-the-shelf scaffolds that are critical in the development of life-saving and life-changing, tissue engineered implants. Our extensive experience working with researchers using our scaffolds in cell culture plates has given us novel insight into the behavior of adherent cells with these scaffolds. Using this knowledge we engineer our regenerative medicine products to meet the complex clinical requirements.

In addition to manufacturing the world’s first nanofiber implants, our products are used as a means to increase stem cell expansion rates for cellular therapy companies working to bring the promise of personalized stem cell treatments closer to reality. Lastly, we manufacture enhanced cell culture plates to support basic research and drug discovery in academic and pharmaceutical labs.

Our History:

Nanofiber Solutions (NFS) was founded in 2009.  Technical founders, Dr. John Lannutti and Dr. Jed Johnson, had been working for several years with cancer researchers and surgeons to build polymer scaffolds that mimicked structures found in the human body.  They believed these scaffolds could revolutionize the way cell research takes place and it could be the basis for a new class of implants with unrivaled performance for the soft tissue/organ repair/regeneration market.  By joining with Ross Kayuha (CEO), NFS began formal operations in July of 2010 intending to fulfill this vision.

2009 NFS founded as an LLC.
2010 NFS began operations at TechColumbus in 1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH.
2011 First sale of our 3D cell culture plate products.
2012 NFS scaffold regenerates new tendon in horse.
2013 First sale in the veterinary market.
2014 NFS introduces three new products for the veterinary market.
NFS incorporated.
NFS receives first equity investment.