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Equine Surgery

Euthanization Averted: Mare Walks on New Biosynthetic Tendon

Part 1: initial operation

Part 2: 4 weeks after surgery

Part 3: 8 weeks after surgery, removal of cast



Nanofiber Solutions Contributes to Ohio’s 20% increase in Biotech Jobs

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Nanofiber Solutions CTO, Jed Johnson to be presenting at Horizons in Human Cells Conference, Tuesday, May 27th. Nanofiber Solutions scaffolds will be featured in the conference’s hands-on workshop Thursday May 29th.

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"Nanofiber Solutions Receives Award from Ohio Third Frontier to Further DevelopTissue Engineered Intestine Technology"

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"Nanofiber Solutions announces the launch of a new line of hepatocyte culture products."

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Supercells Trailer from K22 Film on Vimeo.

Check out this trailer for the documentary film Supercells that followed a team of doctors and scientists, including Nanofiber Solutions, that performed the worlds first laryngotracheal implant surgery at the Krasnodar Regional Hospital (Russia).





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"Ohio bioscience companies combine technology to optimize cell culture for multiple uses"

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Why would you use anything else in your cell culture research?


Nanofiber Solutions™ designs and manufactures novel 3D nanofiber scaffolds. Our 3D cell culture products NanoAligned™ and NanoECM™ were developed for life science research. Nanofiber Solutions novel platform technology provides researchers with more biologically realistic 3-dimensional in vivo cell culture environment.


Historically, cell culture for life science research has been performed on flat, tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS) because it is cheap, optically clear, and many cells grow well on it. In reality, however, living organisms are made up of an extracellular matrix that presents both aligned physical structure and mechanical support to the cells. TCPS lacks this aligned three-dimensional (3-D) component and cells behave very differently on this flat, smooth substrate than they do in true biological settings. Not surprisingly, drugs developed using TCPS as an in vitro substrate experience a >99% failure rate in later testing.


Products Benefits

  • Better research and higher quality reliable data.

  • Faster/cheaper time to market for novel biologicals, drugs, or compounds.

  • Better pass/ fail rates than flat plastic plates.

  • Significant Stem Cell expansion rates while maintaining cell pluripotency over flat plastic.

  • 3-D topography that mimics the environment found in vivo.

  • Optically transparent and compatible with imaging and high-throughput automated instruments.

  • Same physical dimensions as standard lab ware cell culture plates.

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Nanofiber Solutions™ offers the only translational 3D cell culture products on the market backed by a 100% money back guarantee. We are confident you will generate better data using our products. If you are not completely satisfied we will issue a refund.


The same nanofiber polymers used in our 3D cell culture plates are electrospun into 3D tissue engineered scaffolds. The synthetic nanofiber scaffolds have been successfully transplanted into humans patients improving their quality of life.


See how your research can benefit from our cell culture products today!



  HumanBrainTumor   HumanAdultStemCell   A549
  Human brain tumor explanted on NanoAligned™   Human adult stem cells cultured on NanoECM™   Adenocarcinoma cells (A549) cultured and imaged on NanoAligned™



Research Applications: 3D cell Culture | Stem Cell Research | Tissue Engineering | Cancer Research | High Throughput Screening | Optical Imaging